Simone:  It appears to work for autoimmune diseases, particularly fatigue and keeping flare-ups at bay.  It doesn't make me feel sick.  (Submitted to on 2-28-16).

Gene Atkisson:  I had a very excellent product experience. A friend introduced me to Max. Because I know and trust him, I took a six-month supply with me to India. At the time I was in severe discomfort and was worried about getting around. In a month I felt better. In two months I was doing really well. We came home six months later and I have not been plagued with any of that discomfort since. My daughter-in-law said that we are never sick and I attribute this to the help that Max products are giving to our immune systems. Because this product blesses people I can get passionate about it. It can change a person's life for the good. Max can help clear the functions of the body and bless people with clarity of mind.
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